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Real Estate Business cards for Real Estate Agents


Real estate business is all about buying and selling of properties like houses, plots, lands etc. and we can see a lot of people right from an individual working as a real estate broker or agent to big companies being involved in it as there is a lot of money in this field of business.

And all that a real estate agent has to do is work as an intermediary to buyers and sellers helping them buy or sell a property. And this requires a lot of networking with the property owners and marketing the property to the sellers.

So, it becomes important for them to get themselves familiar with the buyers and sellers and to remain in touch with them. And also there is a heavy competition which makes it necessity for them to impress the interested parties at the first meet itself.

There are Real Estate Business cards for Real Estate Agents which can really help them do that. Real estate business cards are professional, custom made and very attractive business cards which could be bought at an affordable price through online. These cards can be used both online for direct mail campaigns and also offline as hand out cards.


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Buying Overseas Property as Investment


If you want your property abroad as an investment, make sure you are thinking long term. Here are some information on Buying Overseas Property as Investment :

Letting Your Overseas Property:

Make sure it is in an easily accessible location with good local amenities and in an area popular with tourists. You should also investigate the competition, and find out what the going rate is for rental on similar properties to get a realistic idea of how much you could make. It can be a good idea to market your property through a local estate agent but you will need to take its fees into account, especially if you want the agent to manage the property. Don’t forget to take into account the holiday season in the area – many tourist destinations virtually shut down when it comes to the end of the season.

Rental Income:

You must pay income tax on rent you receive. You are liable for tax both in the country itself and in the country you own the property – although there are national agreements that mean you shouldn’t have to pay the same tax twice. You can deduct some expenses from your rental income to reduce taxable profits, but this is only helpful for your business not to personal use.


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