Not having good air flow ? here is why you may need a Professional Air duct cleaning services


Why should you clean the ducts of air conditioning systems?

To prevent diseases such as allergies, headaches, etc. caused by aerobic and fungi propitiated by dirt in the air conditioning ducts is essential to keep the maximum rate of hygiene.

A dirty air conditioning duct is a source of contamination and disease transmission causing discomfort and time off work.

If you need your homes air ducts cleaned or if a room in your home isn’t getting even air flow, you may need to have a professional air duct cleaning service to inspect your homes air ducts. Air ducts is a great area for bacteria to hang out in and when your homes air kicks on this bacteria is spread. Because of the close relationship between the rate of dirt, biological contamination of air conditioning systems and the health of people who breathe the air, you need to know and control periodically the cleanliness of them.

Ventilation ducts are characterized by being a source of proliferation of pathogenic fungi and through temperature, humidity and constant darkness, which is why the relationship has been found between labor and low contamination of the ducts bacteria.

This is due in some cases to poor maintenance of the filters of air-conditioning units and in other cases to a contaminated environment.

The duct cleaning Phoenix Services in guarantee maximum removal of dirt inside the ducts through the cleaning systems that use reducing microbial contamination in the air and unpleasant smells stuffy feeling, moisture, etc.

Concerns about air quality inside buildings is growing as this air is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air due to two reasons: the design of closed buildings and high time people spend in environments interior.

The accumulated fat is highly flammable and in most fires is responsible due to little or no maintenance performed on the draw-systems. Another drawback of failing to make due maintenance in extraction systems is that the fan works forced, consuming more energy and venting due hardly generating odors.


How does a Professional approach towards Air duct cleaning ?

They obtain internal images of the ducts, air conditioning units and turbines in order to observe the degree of dirt on them.

Acquisition of samples of bacteria and fungi through cleaning equipment to determine quantitative and qualitative form of the contamination.

They will chose the most suitable cleaning system taking into account the degree of dirt and contamination of the ducts, and its nature, metal or fiber.

From the findings of the first phase, they will apply the necessary cleaning procedures.

This cleaning is carried out in coordination with the client in order to cause the least possible discomfort and finish work on the agreed date.

Once applied the methods of cleaning air ducts conditioning and ventilation results are checked by an inspection cameras inside the ducts and after disinfection, microbiological analysis of samples taken in them.

This kind of cleaning is suitable for all types of ducts, including the fiberglass because the system is effective with dirt but delicate with the materials that make up the duct.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services satisfy your needs duct cleaning air conditioning and refrigeration machinery industries, restaurants, hospitals, health centers, schools, buildings of all types, offices, community neighbors, etc.